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Construction law and the investment process

Construction law and the investment process are among our law firm’s main areas of specialisation.


Our clients include, among others: building companies, clients of building companies, entities carrying out building investments for the purpose of conducting business or statutory activities in them, other investors in building works.


We also advise companies and persons exercising professions or activities related to real estate and construction, including: architects, real estate agents, builders.


When necessary, we act for our clients together with trusted and proven associates such as: notaries, real estate agents, architects, urban planners.


Our legal services in the field of real estate and construction law are tailored to the needs of the client. The legal assistance provided by our law firm includes, among other things:

advice on construction investments;

– advice on environmental aspects of the investment process;

– legal advice on urban development;

preparation of contracts of sale, lease, rental, lending, guarantee, preliminary and other agreements;

preparation of opinions in the field of building law, housing law, co-operative law;

– drafting applications for administrative decisions;

representation in administrative proceedings concerning real estate and construction processes;

– support in contacting and cooperating with a notary, real estate agent, architect, building contractor.


The practice covering construction law and investment process is headed by attorney-at-law Krzysztof Przybyłowicz

e-mail: przybylowicz@dpplegal.pl,
telephone: +48 731 833 330,
ul. Smoleńsk 29, 31-112 Kraków.

Attorney at law Krzysztof Przybyłowicz

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